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  • Is Super Hi Tech reliable ?
    24/7 support over the past two decades is a proof of our commitment and sincerity.
  • What is pump sequencing?
    Pump sequencing basically defines how many pumps should operate to achieve maximum energy efficiency, while still maintaining the desired system performance.
  • Are there any services in regards to temperature issues?
    Any problems of heating or cooling can be addressed by Temperature checking by our technicians.
  • Is Abnormal Noise a sign of Malfunction?
    Sound and Vibration check in the motor to ensure no part is malfunctioning is necessary.
  • What is leakage rate for a mechanical seal?
    The leakage rate needs to be sufficient to ensure that there is a lubricating fluid film between the lapped seal faces to minimise friction, heat generation and wear, whilst at the same time being low enough to be acceptable.
  • How do I know if a mechanical seal has completely failed ?
    Again, this depends on the mechanical seal type and the application, but generally a mechanical seal has failed if it is leaking excessively and/or cannot maintain the specified pressure.

Here are some of the questions we are most frequently asked…and our answers. Challenge us. If you have a different question or you want more specific information about a particular topic, please complete the form.

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