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SuperHiTech has been a pioneer in the business of after maintenance services for product pumps and fire engine pumps for over 20 years now. They are one of the only entities in this space to provide service 24/7, a very essential criteria for necessities like this.


SuperHiTech has been pushing it's boundaries to grow even more rapidly over the past 2 years, with the company now establishing itself in a more hierarchical and official structure. Needless to say, a revenue of over 10 million over the past year has proved the value that SuperHiTech holds in the market.


SuperHiTech has been active and prevented any problems to its clients even in the current scenario involving COVID-19 restrictions.


SuperHiTech operates out of New Delhi, India under the guidance of it's CEO, Rinku Nain.


Clients and Operation Structure


Super Hi Tech is a supplier and manufacturing firm that has been in business for over last 20 years, Super Hi Tech has extensive experience in working with LPG Bottling plants and Oil Terminals of IOCL/HPCL/BPCL and Defence, also offering services & AMC for a wide range of LPG/FUEL/WATER Pumps.

SuperHiTech is known for managing all of their business operations with utmost precision.

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